Northwest Christian Academy

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Student Activities


NCA has a growing athletics program. These sports activities are yet another way for our students to learn and exhibit leadership, discipline, self control and teamwork. When a NCA student joins a team, he or she is expected to honor the obligation and finish the season. However, students must maintain their academic focus and be a positive role model in the area of citizenship. Our sports program is available to students in grades 5 through 8 and includes the following sports:

Sports for Boys

  • Cross-Country 
  • Basketball 
  • Track & Field

Sports for Girls

  • Cross-Country
  • Volleyball 
  • Basketball 
  • Track & Field

Directions to away Games

Additional Student Activities

Extra curricular activities help children build strong friendships, challenge their gifts and abilities beyond standard academics and gives students as sense of their valuable role in the larger student body. We are continually looking for adults to develop additional extra-curricular activities for our students. Currently, we offer the following opportunities:

Theater - After school theater is offered to NCA students in grades 2nd - 8th grades as well as eligible homeschool students.  Theater provides an outlet for kids to discover themselves and create life-long relationships while learning skills they will carry into their professional and personal lives. Experiencing the emotions and thoughts of the characters in the scripts and scenarios requires growth and character that pushes the kids to better themselves at every rehearsal and performance!  NCA offers both fall and winter/spring productions. Additional monthly costs are incurred for this program and a current Power of Attorney/Health Information form must be on file in the office. 

Private Piano Lessons - Piano lessons are offered to students in grades 1 - 8th grades. Each lesson is 1/2 hour in length once per week. The lesson is scheduled in consultation with the student’s classroom teacher in order to minimize the academic impact. Additional monthly costs are incurred for piano lessons.

Elective Classes for Junior High students during normal school hours.