Northwest Christian Preschool and Daycare

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About Our Preschool & Childcare


Northwest Christian Preschool & Daycare is nestled in a quiet, peaceful, retreat-like setting surrounded by trees. Our campus is rich with nature.

A security system allows only parents and staff with an assigned card to enter. An assigned security card is required to access the preschool building. Children are released only to parents and authorized individuals listed on the child’s records. Positive photo identification is required.

Our six individual classrooms provide a peaceful, child friendly environment. Each 
classroom is equipped with a bathroom and hand-washing sink.

Our campus is also rich with resources offering:

    • An on-site cafeteria staffed with a qualified cook providing 3 snacks and lunch daily 
    • A well-supplied library to build children’s literacy and socialization skills
    • A covered play area and gym which allows children to engage in active play even if the weather is inclement
    • A Chapel for weekly worship times and programs


We believe in focusing on the individual needs of every child and respecting, recognizing, and celebrating their desires. All children should feel safe and secure in their learning environment.  

We teach our students to be higher- level thinkers, polite and respectful learners, and over all good stewards to their school and community.

The “whole child” is ministered through our daily program in a variety of ways.
Activities are lead in creative and fun ways that encourages children’s interest and involvement. We do this through a multitude of learning activities such as music, stories, science, cooking, physical and hands-on activities, games, and arts and crafts.

The following overview provides guidelines/goals for six basic areas of development that we focus on in our daily program activities.

    • Spiritual- Bible Stories, memory verses from Scripture, object lessons, Christian songs, and prayer are taught daily. We encourage children to practically apply these lessons to their daily lives and interactions with others. We model Christ-like behavior and love to one another.
    • Physical Development - Activities for growth and development of small and large muscle coordination using a variety of games, exercise movements, and materials and spaces on our beautiful large campus.
    • Intellectual - Thinking skills, number/letter meaning and recognition is presented to encourage intellectual curiosity and application of knowledge through “first hand” discovery experiences.
    • Social - Participation in group activities and class “belonging” and responsibility is presented actively in stories, role-plays, group activities, and modeling by teachers. Understanding of rules, sharing of space and resources, and conflict resolution lessons are taught daily.
    • Moral - Values such as truth, respect for others, politeness, kindness, respect for God’s world are reinforced in all work and play situations.
    • Emotional - Self-esteem and a feeling of security are built by providing care, love, consistency, and a safe, calm atmosphere.

Teacher Qualifications

The teachers and assistants of Northwest Christian Preschool & Daycare are experienced, qualified and dedicated to the needs of your child. All applicants must have a strong desire to work with young children and be committed to the goals of the school. Our teachers are mature, well-trained and loving. The State of Washington requires all individuals working with young children to obtain basic training in Child Development and Education, and have CPR/First Aid Training, and have a cleared background check. Our teachers minimally meet those requirements and in many cases exceed them. Ongoing training provides our teachers with additional tools to nurture and teach children.


The State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services licenses Northwest Christian Preschool & Daycare.

Ratio of Teachers to Children

Research and our experience confirm that a small overall class size is best for children. Our class ratios are one teacher per ten children. This provides an appropriate level of stimulation and more opportunities for children to bond with the teacher and other children in the class.

Discipline Policy

It is very important for children's school and life success to learn and practice appropriate behaviors. Our goal is to teach children to: 

  • Make appropriate behavioral choices
  • Understand there are consequences for behavior choices
  • Experience the rewards that come from making appropriate choices

A detailed description of our Discipline Policy and methods of guiding children can be obtained from the preschool director. 

At no time will Corporal Punishment (which is prohibited both by law, and our policy) be used. At no time will a child be belittled or intentionally humiliated.

School History

Northwest Christian Preschool & Daycare was originally birthed out of a growing church in Olympia. After a few years of growth and the addition of a grade school, it became necessary to move to a larger facility. In 1998 the school was moved to our current location. Northwest Christian High School joined our campus in January of 2000. Northwest Christian Preschool & Daycare is an independent (not directly affiliated with a church), non-profit organization with a mission to teach children in the word of the Bible and to prepare children for future success.