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Hot lunch is served every Tuesday through Friday (except half days).

Teachers will take a lunch count in the morning of hot lunch days. If your child will be in late and would like to order hot lunch, please let the front office know by 8:30 am. Charges will be invoiced via your FACTS account.

Lunches are $5.00 each.

The NCHS 2024 Cafe MENU

  • The Cafe is open for lunch Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Pre-ordering is always advised
  • On Wednesdays there will be 1 or two item specials available for lunch while supplies last (the full menu will not be available on Wednesdays)
  • Thursdays are pre-orders off the menu only (orders must be placed by 8am)
  • Lunch Order Form

Costco Pizza will be available for purchase every Friday. Muffins are available daily. Muffins and pizza slices are $2 each, ASB Card holders have perks.

Lunch Credit Account: If you would like your student to have a lunch credit account, please fill out the online Google form HERE (only one form is required to be filled out for this year)

Auction Winner Lunch